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00022001 - BacklogMaintenancepublic2017-09-22 14:05
Assigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Summary0002200: IC-7100 IC-7300 ATT Function not working and not able to remove Dropdown menu's
DescriptionFor the radio's Icom IC-7100 & IC-7300

Users text:

ATT drop-down has no effect, does not switch ATT on/off.
Also, can't remove drop-downs using 'Customize Layout'
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ModuleRig Control
Sub-ModuleRadio Support
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2017-09-10 09:04

viewer   ~0004155

This should be two separate bugs; editing the UI is very different than actually using the UI to control the radio.

There are no provided repro steps.


2017-09-22 14:04

viewer   ~0004255

IC-7300: I have access to this radio, and was able to make a fix.
IC-7100: I don't have access to this radio, but made a speculative fix based on what I found with the IC-7300.

Customize layout: no description or repro steps were provided; please open another issue with the appropriate information.


2017-09-22 14:05

viewer   ~0004256

fixed with this change set:

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