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Summary0002251: HRD Logbook does not remember possition on multi monitor setup
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I run three screens and always have Rig Control, DM780 and Logbook running on my right hand screen. Now when I run these applications Rig Control and DM780 position themselves on the right hand screen but Logbook positions itself on the main center screen. When I move Logbook over to the right hand screen and close Logbook and again re-open Logbook and it again positions itself on the main center screen, it will not hold position as with the previous versions of HRD.
Steps To ReproduceYou need at least 2 Monitors.

Start Logbook (it will open in your Main screen)
Drag logbook to secondary screen
Close and restart Logbook
It is back to Main screen
Additional Information

Confirmed here on 6 monitor setup.
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2017-09-20 04:30

reporter   ~0004247

Getting multiple tickets on this one


2018-01-11 08:31

reporter   ~0004303

Also not remembering Resized settings on a single monitor system

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