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00022691 - BacklogBugpublic2017-10-08 10:37
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Summary0002269: Rotator stops responding and MYstation not positioned correctly
DescriptionThe Rotator will stop responding after a few seconds/minutes of operation.
My station location is positioned in the Atlanti off Africa.
The correct locator is shown in Tools/Options/Your Information but is greyed out.
Steps To ReproduceOpen the Rotator.
After a short time the Rotator will stop responding.
Mystation is shown in the Atlantic off Africa.
The correct Locator is showing in Tools/Options/Your Information but is greyed out.
Additional InformationThe 'stop responding' issue has been reported by other users.
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2017-10-08 10:37

reporter   ~0004273

Although the information in the Rotator/Tools/Your Information was all correct (although greyed out)
the Lon/Lat in the Logbook/My Station was missing for some reason.
Clicking on the Locator entered the Lon/Lat and now the Rotator is displaying my location correctly.

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