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Summary0002283: Ticket #289104 - DM-780 Not reporting contacts already logged
DescriptionCustomer reports that when a callsign is entered in the DM-780 ALE, it indicates the contact "has not been worked" even though the contact IS in the operator's logbook.
Steps To ReproduceRun HRD, Logbook and DM-780.
In DM-780 place a callsign in the ALE that is known to exist in the Logbook and hit the "TAB" key.
Look at the bottom of the ALE and it will display "Not Worked" as though the contact has never been entered in the Logbook.

Additional InformationTicket #422168 - Another customer is experiencing the same issue described in this report.
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2018-02-10 07:45

administrator   ~0004311

Ticket #303249 Customer is indicating the "CHECK" for "Worked Status" is not being displayed in the Receive Pane of DM-780. I believe this is related to this same bug/topic.

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