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00023043 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2018-04-12 17:06
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Summary0002304: Not able to add/save new contest listing
DescriptionNot able to add/save new contest listing. in Logbook. I have also tried to create as well with same result.

Steps To ReproduceIn logbook/ contest tab/ add contest
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2018-04-06 11:20

manager   ~0004725

Using build 803, here's what I'm doing:

1) Start up the Logbook app
2) open my favorite logbook database
3) Use the "Contest" command in the "Edit" tear off in the "Logbook" menu
4) In the resulting "Add: contest" dialog, select a contest. I happeend to pick "ALL-ASIAN-DX-CW".
5) Edit the fields by checking boxes in the "Available fields" list. I added three fields to the existing layout: Email, eQSL recv date, and Freq
6) Press the "Save Field Layout" button
7) I was prompted for a name. I entered "xyz"
8) Close the window with the "Cancel/Done" button
9) Open the Window again, Logbook / Edit / Contest
10) The "ALL-ASIAN-DX-CW" contest was already selected. "xyz" was already selected. The fields I added were visible.

No repro steps are offered, so I had to guess at what's wrong here. Maybe this bug means to raise a different issue than what I'm testing. If so, please add clear repro steps that demonstrate the problem to be fixed and I'll be happy to have a look.


2018-04-07 03:09

updater   ~0004739

I see what you see following your instructions.

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