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00023161 - BacklogBugpublic2018-02-02 09:05
Assigned ToRoger 
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PlatformOSWindows 10OS Version1709
Summary0002316: Intermittement API reports data added when data NOT added
DescriptionThe HRD API running on TCP/7826 reports that data has been added to the HRD Lobgook when it has not been added. This appears to occur where a remote MySQL/MariaDB database is being used.
Steps To Reproduce1 - Start rig control and logbook.
2 - Open a telnet session to localhost 7826.
3 - db add "K2DLS Logbook" { CALL="VK1ZZZ" NAME="Testing" DXCC="150" COUNTRY="Australia" STATE="ACT" QSO_DATE="20180126" QSO_DATE_OFF="20180126" TIME_ON="062030" TIME_OFF="062530" FREQ="14076000" FREQ_RX="14076000" BAND="20m" BAND_RX="20m" ADDRESS="Single address line" MODE="JT65" RST_SENT="-15" RST_RCVD="15" DISTANCE="250" COMMENT="JT65" CQZ="30" ITUZ="59" PFX="VK1" CONT="OC" MY_GRIDSQUARE="QF55mx" MY_CQ_ZONE="30" MY_ITU_ZONE="59" STATION_CALLSIGN="VK2BYI" QSO_COMPLETE="Y " }
4 - API reports: Found 27 Valid Fields...
Added 27 Fields to K2DLS Logbook...
5 - Check logbook. The data is not there.
6 - Try again.
7 - The data is still not there.
Additional InformationVK2BYI reported that as a kludge, an open local MS-Access HRD DB in the background somehow prevents this from occurring. I tried the kludge and the next insert worked.
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