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00026783 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2018-04-16 18:03
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Summary0002678: Rotator Great Circle display has Black borders and degrees not fully showing
DescriptionThe Great circle map is not displayed right (black borders and bad readout
Steps To ReproduceOpen Rotator
Click Map
Select Great circle
(see screenshot)
Additional InformationTicket #497627
Ticket #289341
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2018-04-16 09:11


Rotor.png (556,040 bytes)


2018-04-16 11:20

manager   ~0004844

I have a fix coded for the black background. Since the font used to draw the azimuth labels is black, they'll show up as soon as the black background is white (or, grey, really -- matching the background of the rest of the window).

I'm not sure what's specifically meant by "bad readout". Maybe it's just referring to the black-on-black text, but maybe not. Maybe some other label or indicator is incorrect? Please advise about what you expect to see compared to what's in the provided screenshot and I can see about fixing it.


2018-04-16 11:23

administrator   ~0004845

Mike, maybe the screenshots I just posted will help explain the issue. One shows the mercator map as it should (without the black around it). The other screenshot shows how the same map is showing in V6.4.0.806. It has a black field behind it and the compass points are not showing properly around the world map. This is NOT how it's supposed to be displayed. Hope this helps.


2018-04-16 18:03

manager   ~0004846

Tim clarified in chat that the issue is only the background, so I've checked in this change for a fix:

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