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   000225511 Logbookminor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-25KC7FPFItem found in Logbook under the filter function
   000225342 Logbookmajor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-25g3ucqHRD Logbook stops responding
   000217531 Logbookmajor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-25g3ucqLogbook Filter options either do not appear or take a long time to appear
   00021679   Allminor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-25K7ZCZSetup: installs obsolete *.msstyles files
   00018654   Rig Controlminor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-25KB3NPHTS-480 Sliders Not Working
   00014951   Rig Controlminor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-25SupportMeters in TX mode not working on Kenwood TS-480
   00013201   Rig Controlminor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-25SupportTS-480 SAT - S-Meter TX Mode not showing for
   00005071   Rig Controlminor
resolved (WA9PIE)
Not Started 2017-09-25W4PCTune button for built in ATU is not working for TS-480
   00004902   Rig Controlmajor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-25W4PCKenwood TS480
[1 - Backlog]  Maintenance
Rig Controlminor
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-22PD9FERIC-7100 IC-7300 ATT Function not working and not able to remove Dropdown menu's
[1 - Backlog]  Maintenance
resolved (K7ZCZ)
Not Started 2017-09-19PD9FERRelease notes not showing (pointing to wrong URL)
   00022415   Logbookminor
resolved (PD9FER)
Not Started 2017-09-19PD9FERProvide a field that can be added to the logbook layout that will display a sequential QSO number